Scientists create a tool that can detect Fake Profiles Online

Fake profiles
Image Source: BuzzFeed

Beware! fake profiles users, because you may get caught the very next moment, as Computer Scientists from the University of Edinburgh has built specific computer models to capture fake profiles on famous content websites.

The detective natured computer models are trained enough to detect any catfishes; those social media users who re-make information about their identity including their age, gender, and other priorities.

It is too common to see that these catfishes have bombarded social media sites to become friends with other users to get more profile views or just for the fulfillment of their petty desires.

Fake Profile User

Researchers estimated that almost 40% users lie about their age and one-quarter of them lie about their gender, where women are found more deceiving, yes, it has actually happened!

These catfishes have deliberately made a way for the scientists to create a sweeping plan to cut these fake users out of the technology fields.

Information collected from more than 5,000 verified user profiles helped training the computer models by estimating the age, gender, nature of commenting and hours of activity. All these basic aspects assisted the system tool to track fake profiles, exploiting and misleading community rights of the social media sites. While the user’s privacy was used as incognito.

While Dr. Walid Magdy, of the University of Edinburgh’s School of Informatics, said, “adult websites are populated by users who claim to be other than who they are, so these are a perfect testing ground for techniques that identify catfishes. We hope that our development will lead to useful tools to flag dishonest users and keep social networks of all kinds safe.”

We are hoping for the best results to occur for more safety and speedy dissemination of the system tool worldwide because weeding out catfishes from the social media sites is necessary to attain a less fake environment, otherwise, the connectivity will be spoiled and guttered with these fake online users. Previously,  Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg took an initiative to delete thousands of fake profile.

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