There is a Secret Mughal era Royal Bath in Shahi Qila Lahore; Experts Are Shocked

Lahore Walled City Authority’s (LWCA) team of Archaeologists have discovered a Royal Bath (Shahi Hammam) in Lahore’s historic Shahi Qila.

The restoration work has been underway at Lahore’s fort for quite some time now. The LWCA archaeologists have been clearing the rubble since the inception of the maintenance work. “We were astonished after seeing such a gem hidden from the world eyes for so long,” said an archaeologist.

shahi qila royal bath
Image: Express Tribune

The Royal Bath has been discovered after removing 100,000 cubic feet of rubble from the specific area. The Shahi Hammam dates back to the reign of Mughal emperor Akbar and is situated behind the tomb of Emperor Jahangir.

The Royal Bath at Lahore’s fort was constructed with the red sandstone bricks, and apparently, that is the reason it is still preserved in its original condition. The water channels and steam chimneys are still intact and in good shape.

Although the Shahi Hammam at Lahore’s fort is smaller in size, it was built on the same design language as of the royal bath built at the Lahore’s Delhi Gate.

Lahore Walled City Authority is preserving the structure according to the guidelines and SOPs of UNESCO. It will be opened for the public after necessary restoration and completion of documents.

lahore fort tunnel
Image: Express Tribune

Different international NGOs and donors are contributing in the overall restoration work at Lahore’s fort. The preservation work includes royal kitchen, tunnels and basement, and an old artillery warehouse. Shahi Qila Lahore has also got a grand picture wall, which is one of the largest found in the subcontinent.

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