Security flaws in Qualcomm chips leave 900m Android devices at risk

Qualcomm Security Flaw

The cyber criminals could have acquired almost everything from encrypted business emails to online messaging apps using the security faults recently discovered to affect the Snapdragon-branded processors in more than 890 million Android-based devices, i.e., smartphones and tablets.

According to the details, Checkpoint – an Israeli cyber security company has discovered four issues in the chips produced by the Qualcomm, an American semiconductor company. With this vulnerability, the cyber criminals could send messages to the users to download a malicious app, which can send the personal information of a user to the hackers.

The app mainly targets the storage of the device and reads everything stored in it. It also reads the WhatsApp messages, data of the other applications, online account details, and other sensitive data from the device and sends it to the cyber criminals.

The cyber security company has informed Qualcomm and Google regarding the vulnerabilities. Google has recommended the users to download the latest security updates to protect their devices from this new kind of security flaw.

Google claims that the latest updates, which have already been released, can solve three out of four security flaws in the devices that are using the Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors. The fourth flaw will be addressed in the next update. Moreover, Qualcomm has also released the fixes for the faults, which users can download for free.

It is not for the first time that the Qualcomm processors are exposed to the security vulnerabilities. Earlier in May, a similar case was reported when a security flaw was discovered in the IPv6 Media Access Control (MAC) addresses of the devices running on the Snapdragon chips.

About Qualcomm Processors

Qualcomm is the third largest semiconductor company after Intel and Samsung Electronics. Most of the newer high-end devices are coming with Qualcomm processors. Some of the popular brands that are using Qualcomm processors in their devices are HTC, Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Sony.

The company’s Snapdragon range of processors promises to give the device an ultrafast speed, excellent graphics, superior connectivity and longer battery life.

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