SEED Ventures forms platform to address digital requirements of local market

SEED Ventures DG-9

Earlier, SEED (Social Entrepreneurship & Equity Development) Ventures joined hands with Engro Foundation to support the new businesses in Pakistan. The organisation is committed to encouraging the corporate startups.

SEED Ventures has proved it now by coming forward to support two new companies, Gizelle Digital and Click 9, which were initially incubated at the SEED Incubation Centre, one of SEED’s ventures and an all-purpose business incubation centre.

Over the course of their incubation, both start-ups stayed true to their vision and were able to create reputable names in the digital market. The performance of both incubates during the incubation period reflected their strong business aptitude and the potential for growth. Resultantly, SEED came forth to support them to expand and scale up their businesses.

As per details, SEED Ventures has acquired Click 9 and merged it with Gizelle Digital to form DG-9. These two digital houses were combined to create a singular platform that can address the digital requirements of the local market.

Both Gizelle Digital and Click 9 presented their new business plans, and after the due diligence of both, SEED is announcing the investment and a merger of these two entities. The newly formed organisation has been named DG9 Private Limited.  SEED has committed to invest in DG9 through several rounds of funding, to help them reach the speed which will assist them in scale up as mutually decided.  

Waqar Asghar, Director DG-9 expressed his viewpoint saying, “Locally a significant gap exists for optimum digital solutions for SMEs. These organisations are using products and solutions that are not tailored to their needs; also there is no focus on providing assistance that can help customers utilise these goods and solutions to their maximum potential.”

Commenting on the merger, Faraz Khan, CEO and Cofounder SEED Ventures said, “This merger amplifies our original mandate on digitising enterprises. The experience and expertise of Click 9 and Gizelle Digital have fused together as DG-9. We are now in a much stronger position to work with the clients, gain a clear understanding of their value chains, its gaps and subsequently design products and solutions that can adequately address these shortcomings. A sound comprehension of client needs will help DG-9 pre-empt customer needs, and develop product extensions or solutions that can meet the needs of a growing business, and help clients reach out to larger markets.”

Kanwal Masroor, Director DG-9 said, “In today’s competitive world, collaboration is the new way to do business. Success and expansion cannot be achieved in isolation. The knowledge sharing and exposure that will be added to our learning as a result of this merger are priceless. Collectively we will get a larger platform and better access to a bigger client base and will be able to design more efficient solutions with the pool of tactical, practical and experiential knowledge in our possession.”

DG-9 is a brand that realizes the upcoming trends in cyberspace and capitalizes on a broad range of mediums to provide maximum benefits to both consumers and brands through customer engagement and cost optimization.

Through innovative ideas, it improves exposure and operational competence. It devises a methodical and creative system by mapping a digital path, reducing campaign execution timelines, increasing cross-sell and up-selling and maximizing marketing and communication mileage.

About SEED Ventures

SEED Ventures Pvt. Limited is a social, entrepreneurship and equity development organisation. Its core mandate is to provide solutions to social challenges, using entrepreneurship as a vehicle to create wealth and deliver positive social impact.

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