How self-driving cars will transform our lives!

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars will be on roads sooner than your expectations. Several automobile companies aim to launch vehicles with self-driving capabilities by 2020. So, it is not so far when our lives will transform entirely.

While it is so early to know all the ways self-driving cars will impact our lives, the industry experts are sure that this is going to bring more advantages than disadvantages. Here are three ways driverless cars will improve our lives.

Traffic-related accidents and deaths will fall-off

In America, more than 30,000 people die in traffic-related unfortunate incidents every year. Self-driving cars could dramatically reduce the number of accidents and can save thousands of lives.

“There’s huge, huge potential in making traffic safer than it is today. That is one of the big reasons for us that we entered this field,” said Erik Coelingh, Volvo’s Senior Technical Leader for Safety and Driver Support Technologies.

The number of accidents would go from 6 million a year to 1.3 million if 90 percent of cars on American roads were driverless. Deaths would reduce from 33000 to 11300, according to a study by the Eno Centre for Transportation.

Traffic and Fuel efficiency will escalate

Driverless cars will make driving more efficient regarding better traffic flow and less fuel consumption. There will be fewer chances of accidents caused by human error, leading to fewer traffic jams. It is also expected that the rise of self-driving taxis will help reduce the total number of cars on the road and alleviate overall traffic.

Moreover, because autonomous cars are designed to optimize efficiency in acceleration and braking, they will also improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions as much as 300 million tons per year.

You’ll have more free time.

With autonomous cars, you will have more free time to utilize in the vehicle. And because traffic jams are also expected to decline, it will take less time to reach your destination. According to McKinsey, travelers can save a combined 1 billion hours every day once self-driving cars go mainstream.

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