Selfie Craze, One Of The Most Dominant Causes Of Death: Report

There is no argument over the fact that the birth of selfie goes beyond the inception of smartphones. It is believed that the first-ever selfie was taken way back in 1839 by Robert Cornelius when he set up his camera and briskly ran into the shot to get captured on the photo. And then a tweet by Buzz Aldrin about his first space selfie back in 1966 on Gemini 12 mission confirms the desire to get shot on cam while self-holding it. 

Aldrin had to come out of the craft for taking the shot with earth sitting behind. As it appears to be the most expensive selfie but it can’t be labeled as a result of some mental disorder.

With the advent of cameras in phones, people used the rear lens to get shot, but it didn’t last long when Sony Ericsson introduced the first phone with a front camera back in 2003. There was a race to crush everyone in the following years to claim the highest spot in the manufacturing of front cameras aka selfie lens.

The front lens was never an evil innovation just like the gun; it was instead the usage pattern that played havoc with people’s minds.

Even though how simple and amusing a selfie looks, it involves a great deal of risk when some attention seeker tries to be macho and tries to get a heroic shot to please and awe the world or instead gain maximum likes on the social network. 

Doctors and health analysts link this kind of behavior to a mental state which is not usual.

Psychological issues:

A story on Adobe Chronicles on March 31st, 2014 referred to a study by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) that declares Selfitis a new mental disorder

Number of selfies Uploded on Twitter
The graph shows a rising number of tweets with selfie embedded along with other tools. Source: Carnegie Mellon University, USA Publication Me, myself and My killfie

A more recent study by a team of psychologists describes that people who take lots of selfies every day have some psychological disorder; they have an exaggerated interest in self-admiration since they are mostly found praising their appearance. The research further calls them selfish, and that selfie craze has become a new social sickness.

According to the study, women take more selfies than men do

In a world where people don’t find the feature enhancements and plastic surgeries an unusual practice, this selfie craze is driving them crazy and compelling them to go beyond limits for extra facial and body treatments. And then a new trend of making faces more horrible with the help of animal emojis, thanks to tons of filters available on social apps and even inside smartphones, is bringing forth a more severe condition of selfie addicts.

The selfie craze hasn’t stopped here; people have found this a way to record their suicides. The British boy, Danny Bowman, is the perfect example who got obsessed with taking the perfect selfie and ended up killing himself after several failed attempts at getting a perfect shot.

Just a few days ago, a young guy in India committed suicide by jumping in front of a moving train near Vijayawada railway station. He recorded his video before the incident.

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Morally, we seem to have gone down to the lowest limits. Many of us have seen people taking selfies in front of dying people who can’t be termed as rational behavior.

In the following picture a young man posed in front of first aiders treating a woman struck by a train in Piacenza, Italy. A photographer nearby recorded this act that caught a massive outcry on social media in Italy against this senseless act.

taking selfie in front of Dead women
Taking a selfie in front of a dead women

Misuse of selfies on the internet

When you take a selfie and post it on the internet, no matter what kind of social media it is, you are in no power to control the outcomes. Someone might download it and make it more obnoxious after editing through a software. The newer version might be more painful and disturbing for you, particularly, when it is made public once again.

There are many cases reported in the media where a person edited and uploaded photos of females to take revenge.

Even the sanest and educated people sometimes become stupid and commit such unwanted acts. A clear example is this official of police who never thought a single time before disgracing his wife on social media.

Deaths caused by Selfies

Among many other social issues, the selfie craze has also taken its spot to be a cause of death. As per various reports, India takes the topmost position where selfie deaths have surpassed various other causes. The following are just a few of the examples where people tried to inspire the world by taking some extraordinary selfie.

  • In 2016, a hiker who tried to take a selfie against one of Hong Kong’s best-known backdrops died after falling 150 meters off Lion Rock Mountain.
  • In May 2018, Odisha, India, Prabhu Bhatara died trying, taking the selfie with a bear.
  • On 13 June 2018, an Australian man and his British girlfriend were taking selfies along a wall in Ericeira, Portugal when they reportedly fell about 30 meters to their deaths.
  • A 22-year-old Thai woman died because of her injuries when a train hit her while trying to take a photo with an outgoing train in the background near Samsen train station in Bangkok’s Phaya Thai district. This sad incident was reported in February 2018.
categories of sefie deaths
Deaths in US caused by selfies. Source: Carnegie Mellon University, USA Publication Me, myself and My killfie


Selfie Deaths countries wise
Global death pattern by selfies uptil 2014. Source: Carnegie Mellon University, USA Publication Me, myself and My killfie

How to overcome Selfitis?

The researchers, after studying hundreds of patients suffering from Selfitis, announced that the mental disorder can be immediately cured by taking part in group selfies, more popularly known as ‘groufies.’ So the next time you have the urge to take a selfie, gather a group of friends or family members.  It will do your mental health some good.

To overcome the habit of taking selfies and avoid developing a selfie craze, one has to get himself involved in healthy activities. Psychologists say people have to stop thinking about their appearances too much. No matter how better you edit your selfie, it will always remain false.

Posting a selfie without editing and applying filters will boost the confidence level of an individual. If the habit of capturing perfect photos is taking you away from your daily tasks and studies, then it’s time to say “no” to the selfies and concentrate on other productive and fun activities.

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