Session Court Lahore
image: tribune

Lahore high court has directed to digitalise all the cases registered in the session court. Session Judge Lahore, Nazeer Ahmad visited the courts with the guardian judge Shahzia Munawwar Makhdoom. Session judge stated that for the first time in Lahore, the list of the registered cases is being digitalised.

Shahzia Munawwar said that the first step is to automate the system to lessen the manual workload on the officials. The second step is to apply this procedure to civil courts as well. For this purpose, software is designed by Shahzada Nadeem, an official of the session court. People will be able to check the details of the registered cases from the internet.

Recently, Chief Justice of Pakistan also highlighted that Judges and Lawyers should get in touched with technology so they could deal with the challenges in today’s judicial proceedings.

Last year, Lahore High Court (LHC) launched SMS alert service to for petitioners and the lawyers.

It was also reported that the Lahore High Court is going to launch an enterprise software system, which is the first-ever for a court in Pakistan, to facilitate litigant public and lawyers. The idea was to allow litigants to monitor progress and status of their cases on their smartphones.

Earlier, in November 2011, with the collaboration of the Sindh High Court, a Case Flow Management System was installed in the High Court of Balochistan. After that, all the different branches, including the presentation branch, the judicial branch, the roster branch, the copying branch and the recording branch were computerized regarding case management.


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