Pakistani Boy beaten on US school bus

Recently, a seven-year-old Pakistani boy in the US was beaten in a bus on account of being Muslim. Zeeshan-ul-Hassan – the father of the Pakistani boy told media that his son was bullied by five students who were the classmates of his son.

abdul-aziz pakistani boy
Abdul Aziz was bullied on US school bus

The boy, namely Abdul Aziz was bullied by two girls and three boys on the school bus. The students were calling him names and beaten him. According to his father, his three sons and a wife have already gone to Pakistan after this incident. Usmani said his family will now live in Pakistan and will return only when the US becomes safer for the Muslims.

“They kept beating him all the way from school to home on the bus,” he said. The classmates made references to Muslims and laughed at him because he was a Pakistani. Zeeshan-Ul-Hassan has posted a photo on Facebook with the caption, “This is Donald Trump’s America. My son was beaten on the bus because he was a Muslim.”

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The school authority has started the investigation into this incident. According to a spokesperson for the school, the principal interviewed seven students sitting near this child, and none of the students, nor the bus driver, witnessed any altercation or incident. The spokesperson said that the principal would interview one more child, who is presently not in contact with the school.


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