Shaniera Akram endorses GREE’s G10 inverter series

Gree Features Shaniera Akram in its new TV Commercial

GREE has introduced a new campaign of the G10 Inverter series, featuring Mr & Mrs. Wasim Akram.

This campaign sheds lights on the extremely energy-efficient G10 Inverter technology and its unique features, whereby living up to its tag-line ‘Chalta Jaye, Sath Nibhaye”.

This is for the first time that Mrs. Wasim Akram who is an Australian Born, named Shaniera Akram has arrived for any commercial in Pakistan. Mr & Mrs. Wasim have endorsed Gree as the best brand for air conditioners.

The TVC is primarily focused on the highly energy-efficient smart-inverter Air conditioner – G10, which ensures the best cooling, even in low-voltage.

The G10 Inverter AC’s are equipped with an Auto-Voltage Adaptation of 150 – 260 Volts, eliminating the threats of low-voltage fluctuation which damages the AC. It has an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 4.0, whereby consuming 60% less energy than the regular ACs.

GREE has a wide range of Air conditioners, available in a range of attractive designs, colours, and features, which are guaranteed to ensure the best performance.

In Pakistan, DWP Group is the official distributor of GREE that ensures nationwide availability of its products.

Recently GREE has launched its new ‘Summer 2017’ Campaign, with Wasim Akram as its brand ambassador.

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