Facebook, in its battle to curb the pandemic of fake news, has started to block advertisements from such pages that contribute towards the spread of this disease.

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According to the company’s blog post, Facebook does not allow advertisers to run ads that link to the false stories. It is, however, using the third-party fact checkers to flag fake news circulating on the social networking site and is taking actions against them by taking away the financial incentives.

Facebook has seen that the fake news pages buy ads to spread their reach to the broader audience. Now, the flagged pages won’t be able to advertise on the social networking site but if they will repent and stop sharing fake news, Facebook will let them run ads again.

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The issue of fake news first made it to the spotlight after Donald Trump was elected as the President of the United States of America. The fake news played a massive role in the US elections, which raised some serious concerns for the future of media.

Previously, the company also introduced a new educational tool to let users known how to identify fake news. The company has been going after the fake accounts on their site and has already blocked thousands of such profiles present online.

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