Shopistan funds Nearpeer startup to revolutionize education through AI

Nearpeer and Shopistan

From autonomous Ubers to Mark Zuckerberg’s version of JARVIS, 2016 has seen some incredible development into the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Its applications range from virtual reality, face and speech recognition to much more and still is being explored by researchers around the world. Among such developments, a Pakistani startup Nearpeer is using AI to bring the classroom to the digital world through providing a web portal with various courses.

The Plan9 incubated startup has raised investment from Ali Aziz, Founder, and CEO of Shopistan.  Shahrukh Swati co-founder of Nearpeer while talking about the idea behind their venture explained that in our life we derive hypothesis about what’s important in our lives based on different research that we do.

The same concept is being used by them for education as he revealed that while growing up a student is never told by his teachers or mentors what type and category he belongs to.

Shahrukh explains the current dilemma of the lifecycle saying if a person doesn’t get good GPA he can’t acquire a good job and thus won’t be eligible for a good salary.  And it doesn’t just stop there as a lack of good salary means not suitable for matrimony and even you can’t even get buried in a graveyard like one in Defense. Thus, he added that the university plays a pivotal role in creating the future path for a student.

He said that there is no research on the Internet that can quantify the type and category of students. Nearpeer in collaboration with Shopistan team hopes to build a platform where with the help of AI that can judge, categorize and measure the qualities of students and provide them with the valuable content that can help them towards leading a successful life.

Nearpeer being the first platform to introduce AI and machine learning in education cycle aims to bring different parameters and research in their bid to contribute to the society. Through this move, they hope that future institutions and startups can use them as a foundation to bring other incredible products.

The brains behind Nearpeer identified the problem that students in addition to their regular lecture need complimentary resources to fill various gaps. The content available online, scattered all over the Internet can be very time consuming to find and might not be the right fit for everyone. With the introduction of AI, the students can match content with their needs.

Launched in 2015, Nearpeer has now 2500 paying customers and approximately 6200 online users. With Shopistan’s investment, they hope to expand into the market of O-levels, A-levels, MCAT and ECAT with in-house production of content. Currently, they offer 55 courses and 10+ CA full courses. They exist at LUMS, LSE and Chartered Accountants Market.

Shopistan, a renown name in the e-commerce world of Pakistan runs a product accelerator to help different startups in accelerating their products to market.

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