Honda CB150F motorcycle Pakistan

After creating much excitement and anticipation among the motorcycle lovers, the auto company fails to meet customer demand as the new Honda CB150F is not available in the showrooms of the authorized dealers in Karachi.

According to a report by Dawn, the dealers only have one piece for display and the buyers have to book the motorcycle which will be delivered in a 45 days period. Honda CB150F was launched in the first week of May 2017 with a price tag of Rs. 159,000.

Reportedly, the dealers are asking the customers to pay Rs. 180,000 which is higher than the actual price. The balance amount would then be paid to the person when he will receive the delivery of the motorcycle. The company couldn’t provide the required units of Honda CB150F and is now asking dealers to stop taking an advance booking of the motorcycle.

After completion of Honda’s Sheikhupura, the company’s production capacity was to 1.35 million units a year from 750,000. In this scenario, either the company either cannot satisfy the demand of the consumers or is creating an artificial shortage to charge higher premiums.


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