Should You Prefer Packaged Milk Over Fresh Milk?

Pakistan is one of the top five milk producing countries in the world with an annual production worth a mammoth Rs.1700 billion with most of it being consumed domestically. That makes milk, without a doubt, an integral part of everyday life of an average Pakistani.

Given the issues that currently plague the country’s dairy sector, the most important question on every consumer’s mind, and rightly so, remains that how can they be sure that the milk they are buying is wholesome in every sense of the word.

The answer to consumers’ questions pertaining to the purity therein lies solely with Packaged Milk which, over the years, has gained massive popularity in Pakistan and continues to do so primarily because of shifting perceptions and realizations of consumers of the assured purity it offers.

With rapid developments in processing technologies, packaged milk is and always has been a healthier choice. Early pasteurization and UHT treatment of milk destroys disease-causing bacteria and helps maintain milk’s natural taste with a prolonged shelf life.

The packaged milk is taken as safe, high-quality hygienic milk because this is produced through predefined globally accepted procedures and systems recognized by both international and the domestic quality control bodies and medical circles.

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Packed milk is processed through international standards which, as a result, produces the best quality milk, dissimilar to those of the substandard local dairy farms that have no quality control over milk production and processing.

Under the banner of purity, the producers of packaged milk collect milk from dairy farms through a fully automated milking facility. From the dairy farms, after thorough quality checks, the milk is then transported to state-of-the-art processing facilities that are in close proximity to the dairy farms to ensure that the milk stays pure, highly standardized, unpolluted and preservative free.

This well-processed and packaged milk is then delivered in the market in well-equipped trucks; thus consumers ultimately receive purity and quality altogether

Endorsed by the renowned ALS Global Labs and a leading nutritionist, this packaged milk brand has the highest levels of added Vitamin A and D unequivocally making it the most nutritious milk available in the country.

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Thus, in conclusion, Pakistan’s packaged milk market share is increasing at a phenomenal pace due to increased awareness and knowledge amongst the general public of quality standards and hygiene in general. Consumers are being given a chance to make an informed decision about their well-being and health when it comes to milk. They will always choose the purest, the most nutritious and best quality packaged milk because when it comes to family, no one makes compromises.

This promotional article is authored by Amina Mujib Khan. More News Editorial does not necessarily agree with views of the author.

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