Sima Kamil joins UBL as First Woman CEO of major Bank in Pakistan

Sima Kamil CEO UBL

Sima Kamil is now appointed as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of UBL. As we reported earlier, the earlier head of branch banking at Habib Bank Limited (HBL) was being considered to head a major bank in Pakistan.

The UBL’s board of directors have finally made a decision to replace Wajahat Hussain, where Sima Kamil will take up her role in June 2017. She will be the first woman to be the CEO of a major bank in Pakistan, surely after the approval of the regulatory authority.

Mr. Wajahat will continue as the current CEO and President of UBL until the end of his contract on 31st May 2017 where afterward he’ll part ways with the bank.

There have been many speculations tied to the appointment of new CEO as the news of his termination roamed around various social media networks. The UBL management in a press release rejected those rumors and said that they have complete confidence in Mr. Wajahat.

Earlier this month, Mr. Wajahat was brought into the limelight after an inquiry was launched against him for hiding billions of rupees flat in Dubai in his annual income tax return and wealth statement.

Whatever the circumstances may be it sure is a big moment for Sima Kamil, who is recognized as one of the stellar forces in the banking world.


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