Sindh Health Biometric Verification

Sindh Government has ordered to halt the monthly salaries of health department employees who failed to appear for the biometric verification.

The salary of 6000 employees, up to BPS-21, has been ceased. Earlier, Sindh government had announced a deadline; 30th of September, to register with the newly installed biometric system and vowed to take strict measures against non-verified doctors and other health department employees.

“We were very clear in announcing the biometric verification process and have provided an ample time for that,” said Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechuho.

The need for the biometric verification arose when several ghost employees were reported taking their salaries every month without appearing for work. “This is to differentiate ghost employees from real ones,” explained Health Minister Dr. Azra Pechuho.

The health sector in Sindh is facing severe crisis including embezzlement of funds, shortage of free medicines for the underprivileged patients, insufficient specialist doctors and absence of doctors.

Although the provincial government decided to take stern actions against ghost doctors and employees, still nothing has been done to eliminate other critical catastrophes.

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