Sindh to increase Cinema Ticket prices; Entertainment Tax imposed

Entertainment Tax Sindh

If you’re a movie goer and live in Sindh, well, there is bad news for you as the provincial budget 2017-18 places entertainment tax on cinemas. Meaning you’ll have to pay extra to salvage your film cravings from now on.

Previously, the government of Pakistan waived the Entertainment tax to promote the cinema industry in the country. The tax was removed back in 2006, nearly a decade ago which resulted in the rapid increase in the number of screens especially in Punjab, whereas Karachi also contributes a handsome amount to this industry.

The new proposed tax would definitely have a dire impact on the prices of tickets in Sindh. Earlier this year, Punjab government also proposed a 65% entertainment tax on cinemas across the province and later stick to its previous decision to help revive the dying film industry of the country.

The cinema industry already suffered a huge deal due to a ban on Indian movies which came into effect after Bollywood producers banned Pakistani artists from working in Indian films amid border tensions.

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