Sindh police to create computerized database of criminals

Sindh Police Computerized Database of criminals

In a meeting held at the Central Police Office (CPO) Karachi, Sindh police have decided to record the photographs, names, and father names of all the criminals into a computerized database. Moreover, police will also keep the biometric record of the fraudsters for the security purposes.

According to the sources, an important meeting regarding the Information Technology (IT) took place at the CPO under the leadership of the Inspector General (IG) Sindh, Allah Dino Khawaja. All the three additional IGs and the DIGs participated in the meeting.

The ministry of IT Punjab gave the briefing to the IG Sindh. After the briefing, the authorities decided to digitalize the data of all the criminals and send it to all the police stations. In the meeting, it was also agreed that the data of the police employees and their termination would also be computerized.

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The main reason for creating a computerized database of the criminals is that the paper-based records are not very handy. The files easily get lost, and it is tough to search through all the files and the documents to get information regarding any particular person.

The computerized record will save the time as well as the method of storing the information will also become convenient.

Image Source: The Star

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