The Sindh Police has launched an android based app to facilitate the residents of the province. Now people can report crimes directly from their mobile phones and will be able to avoid the nuisance attached to visit a police station. However, users are experiencing glitches and bugs in the app.

“Police For You” app was launched by Karachi Police chief Ameer Shaikh and will primarily provide the facilitation to Karachites where urban crimes like dacoities and street robberies are on the rise.

The crimes one can report are:

  • Bike-snatching
  • Car-snatching
  • Burglary
  • Mobile-snatching
  • Cash-snatching
  • And others

Sindh Police vows a smooth and timely response to the first information report submitted with the help of the said app. There is also a “Victim Support Service” tab in the app from which you can correspond with a police officer and inquire about proceedings on your report.

Moreover, now citizens can apply for a character certificate directly from the app and can even register the tenants in the police records. Note here that according to the National Action Plan, it is mandatory to register tenants with police stations.

“The app has been launched to facilitate the citizens by acquiring modern means of technology,” asserted Karachi Police Chief. However, we encountered many problems with the app, and there are plenty of bugs that need to be answered by the relevant developing team.

After downloading the app, it asks you to wait for few minutes for the verification SMS. We waited for several hours but no luck. Comments section under the app at the Google Play store is full of complaints.

Unfortunately, it has become a norm in Pakistan to launch apps with flaws. We witnessed the same thing with Mosquito Alert app recently launched by the National Health Institute of Islamabad.

Having said that, it’s really applaudable that authorities are willing to use modern technology to facilitate the citizens. All they need to do is ensure a proper working and timely updates of the app.