Increase in sale of Motorbikes in Pakistan

Sindh province has been struggling to curb the menace of bike thefts in the province for ages now. Fortunately, the Transport Department is awakened now and has forwarded a summary to the CM Sindh Murad Ali Shah asking the government to make trackers a compulsion in bikes.

As per the reports, the trackers will be mandatory in both new and old bikes. Moreover, a heavy fine will be imposed on those riding without a standard tracker. In the forwarded summary, the government is asked to specify the deadline for the installation of trackers in bikes.

“After the bill is passed from the assembly, the companies will be asked to make sure factory installed trackers come in new bikes,” said the Sindh Minister for Transport and Mass Transit Awais Qadir Shah.

The stolen bikes not only inflict the residents with a financial loss but also a major loophole in maintaining law and orders as these bikes are used in other criminal activities. More than 95% of crimes in Sindh are done using stolen motorcycles while the government finds it extremely difficult to track such bikes.

Sindh transport department is following the right approach, however, we have seen multiple policies failing earlier due to ignoring ground realities. Punjab government is finding it extremely difficult to make proper helmets compulsory for bike riders because no legislation has been done specifying the standard of a helmet. Furthermore, there is no significant local production of helmets in Pakistan.

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