Six more cities in Punjab to become secure under Safe City Project

Safe City Project to introduce in six more cities

Punjab Safe Cities Authority (PSCA) to introduce the Police Integrated Computerised Command and Control System in another six major cities of the Punjab.

After the introduction of a surveillance network in Lahore, PSCA is going to replicate the project in Multan, Rawalpindi, Sargodha, Bahawalpur, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. The entire project is said to cost around PKR 45 billion and will be completed by March 2018.

The establishment of the Safe City project will cost over PKR 7.8 billion in Multan, PKR 9.2 billion in Rawalpindi, PKR 5.5 billion in Sargodha, PKR 5.6 billion in Bahawalpur, PKR 9.2 billion in Faisalabad and PKR 7.8 billion in Gujranwala.

All six PPIC3 centers will be interconnected and according to the project’s proposal, PSCA will introduce a command and control system, including incident management, geographic information system (GIS), resource management system, integrated automatic resource location system (ARLS), mobile data terminals and an integrated video management system (IVMS).

IVMS will include system control and management, digital recording and archiving, specific analysis tools, video walls and control systems, in-vehicle video systems and field equipment. The cameras under the safe city project will provide surveillance of locations such as public places, intersections, highways and iconic buildings.

The Punjab government believes this project will lead to effective utilization/allocation of police resources such as vehicles and patrolling and deployment units and would thus contribute towards saving the cost of fuel and other resources.

The government plan to hire at least 3,000 skilled personnel, the majority of them belonging to the field of information technology to run the system. According to PSCA, after the implementation of the Safe City project, the cost spent in the six cities will decrease from PKR 1.9 billion to PKR 1.2 billion.

Under this project, the whole city and its citizens would be watched all the time in order to safeguard them but the recent Lahore blast made us all question that how much can we rely on Safe City Project? Also in Lahore, the ANPR cameras failed to read number plates of vehicles, which also puts the public in doubt about the effectiveness of the project.

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