SkyElectric Smart Energy System

SkyElectric is ready to launch a Smart Energy System to address the energy challenges for homes and businesses for energy starved countries of the developing world. Given chronic and acute energy shortages in Pakistan, the first Smart Energy Systems will be introduced in Pakistan in March 2017.

The System intelligently combines solar, grid and battery energy to provide the cleanest sources of energy and at the lowest possible cost. It is targeted for homes, businesses, and industries and comes in a large variety of power and energy capacities.

In a developing country like Pakistan, energy shortages have become a part of the normal routine where people spend hours waiting for the power to come back especially in summer. The new smart energy system will bring the comfort of clean energy without being too much of a burden on wallets.

This intelligent packaging of clean solar energy is intended to solve many aspects of the global energy challenge. According to Ashar Aziz, the Chairman, and CEO of SkyElectric,

“The mission of SkyElectric is to build a distributed and intelligent solar and energy storage grid, managed via Internet, across the Developing World”.

SkyElectric is a developer of intelligent solar energy solutions based in Florida, USA, and with initial deployment operations in Islamabad and other cities in Pakistan.


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