Smart Card will replace your Registration Book by November

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The much-delayed project of replacing registration book with an automated card will finally see the light of day.

The Excise Taxation and Narcotics Control Department plans to introduce Automated Registration Cards (ARC) by November of 2017, reports The Express Tribune.

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The department called for the bids for the ARCs in April 2017 which are being technically evaluated.  Reportedly, it has been directed to complete the financial and technical evaluation by end of July and award the contract as soon as possible.

This project was initially approved by CM Shahbaz Shareef around two years ago in March 2015 and still awaits completion.

The ARCs will remove and replace the hassle of keeping a registration book which wears out after a certain amount of time and is a major headache to carry it all times due to its size.

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The new automated card will feature a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip which will hep verify the card details and will also display expiry date of the token tax.

The Excise department issues around 2 million registration books every year where 1.6 million of them are issued for the newly registered vehicles. The current stock of these books will likely last until November this year and thus we can hope that the government will introduce this system for people.

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According to the bidding documents, the department has demanded that the interested parties should have the capability of printing 2 million cards per year, which seems to be the current demand for Pakistanis.

Other main requirements included; counterfeit resistance, durability and the card’s ability to securely store the data for at least five years.

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