is a local IoT startup that facilitates you to control any electrical device remotely whilst sitting at your home or anywhere across the globe.

They provide Wi-Fi-based Smart Switch Boards that easily replace/integrate with your room’s switchboard and connect with your home Wi-Fi router. Once connected you can control devices such as fans, lights and your AC with the help of the Mobile App, Cloud Dashboard or Browser Extension.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a multi-billion dollar market, and it’s growing faster than expectations. IoT put simply, is about connecting devices to the internet where they are able to communicate with us, with control applications and even with each other.

In Fall-2016, BlueEast Pvt. Ltd., the Research and Development wing of Orient Electronics, led by Abdul Rehman Talat, Director of Sales and Marketing at Orient Electronics made a move to acquire the company, “We have been monitoring Smart Devices and Abdul Ghaffar for about a year now. They have been without a doubt been the most promising startup in IOT, in Pakistan.”

After some deliberation, both Talat and Ghaffar came to a mutual understanding and agreed on an acquisition deal that was finalized by the end of 2016. BlueEast albeit a newly found company itself is heavily focusing on go-to-market products for IoT and E-Commerce Solutions.

Abdul Rehman Talat further added that “Smart Devices is the only local company that has a finished product. It’s a company that shares our vision of a connected Pakistan; we want to expand the horizons on person to machine and machine to person interactions. Acquiring Smart Devices has allowed us to pool in our resources and further our progress to our shared end goal. ”

“Smart Devices acquisition is the first of its kind in the region, and with an industrial giant like Orient acquiring it, this proves Pakistan is ready for advanced tech like IoT. I think it’s high time for IoT players to work together and create a better and common ecosystem,” said Abdul Ghaffar, CEO Smart Devices.

The Chairman of Punjab Information Technology Board, Vice Chancellor of ITU and Chairman of MITEFP, Dr. Umar Saif, shared that “the eco-system is truly flourishing right now. Many startups aspire for an investment, however sometimes being acquired can mean greater things for the entrepreneurs and their respected startup. This acquisition gives Abdul Ghaffar the chance to tap into Orient’s consumers and truly revolutionize the way Pakistanis interact with technology through IoT.”

Prior to their acquisition, Smart Devices was incubated at Plan9 and then accelerated at PlanX – Pakistan’s largest technology accelerator. Ghaffar mentioned that “PlanX helped us gain a lot of customers. They helped us in marketing and building a good brand from the ground up. They also provided us access to mentors and networking opportunities. I think where are we today is because of PlanX.”