Smart Glasses to help visually impaired identify images, read newspaper

Smart Glasses from RNIB
Smart Glasses from RNIB

Like smartphones and TV, smart glasses are also getting popular with the passage of time.

The technology has played a vital role in reducing the gap between the sighted and blind community.  The boom of technological innovations has made these people more independent in their lives. Now they can easily cook food, travel to different places, and even identify pictures and colors with the help of various tools.

Poland-based Parsee, a nonprofit organization for visually impaired, have decided to distribute smart glasses free of cost to help blind identify everything —shapes, colors, and objects through an app and a wearable device.

Smart Glasses
Smart Glasses from Parsee. Image: 3ders

Users wearing the particular glasses can press the button on the frame to take a picture of an object in front of them. The glass’s app identifies the object and sends the image back to the frame, which transmits it into audio through an earphone. The Parsee project manager Bartosz Trzcinski told Reuters that this app could be helpful in any situation —from reading the newspaper to drinking the juice.

Although this project is in the developing stage, yet Parsee is distributing glasses-free to help the visually impaired community. The device works with battery power and has 3D printed frame.

Until now, the production of a single pair cost $300, yet Parsee is trying to reduce the production amount.

Smart glasses by Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)

Smart Glasses from RNIB
Smart Glasses from RNIB

On the contrary, another organization (Royal National Institute for the Blind) in Britain, is working on its own smart glasses. It would do the same — identify the objects, shapes, and colors, however, it’s range would be 3metres away from the object, and its cost would reach up to $433 or 300pounds.

Similarly, the other NGO’s are also working on the same project —the smart glasses. A couple of months ago, Google had launched the same device, but could not be of great success.

The innovation of smart glasses by several major organizations can open new dimensions for the visually impaired community.

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