Imagine, you are sitting in your home and are listening to different tunes playing by various speakers around the house, all controlled by your smartphone.

Think I am crazy? Well, I am glad to declare that I have all my senses intact. This technology can be observed in various smart gadgets present across the globe

For so long, Pakistan has been deprived of home technology but not anymore as Smart Life brings a nice combination of household items and technology. With advancements in science and tech, our everyday gadgets are getting smarter, complimenting our busy lifestyle.

Among such intelligent devices, comes a range of smart home gadgets that can quite literally enable a person to control their homes from their palms.

Smart Life speaker
Speaker by Smart Life

As the name refers, it offers a wide range of products wich serves only one purpose; to make our lives smarter. Imagine shutting off the blinds of your windows with just a button or controlling the climate or temperature of your house to feel cosy, you name it, they’ve got it.

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Its various services include home automation, multi-room audio, video solutions, home theatre, lighting control, motorised window treatments, climate control, security and management and much more.

smart life home theater
Home Theatre by Smart Life

One of the main features of their products is Smart Life mobile application which can control various functions with just on touch. You can play different songs simultaneously on speakers connected to the app. It can also help in managing the temperature, environment etc.

Smart Life also features various products by Bower and Wilkins, a famous British audio equipment company, like headphones, wireless docks etc.

Smart life B&W
B&W headphones

Though we are still very far away from adopting security enabled by technology than the traditional lock and key, Smart Life shows us possibilities where we can keep our loved ones safe using smart home gadgets.

Luxuries like home cinema and home automation sound fun but they do come with a bit hefty price tag. Smart Life offers a deluxe experience to its customers where among its many other products it also provides Apple’s flagship iPhone.

Smart life rock speaker
Rock Shaped Speaker

The store charges a premium price for its iPhone but with the promise of excellent customer care where in the case of any problem they can exchange the smartphone in just one week.

Smart Life provides a sense of exclusivity to its customers along with adding a futuristic look to our homes.