smart meters in Pakistan

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) after completing the pilot project last year has decided to advance its project involving the installation of smart meters in Pakistan.

The main reason behind this change is the tampering and electricity theft that still plagues the decades-old meters and not to mention the inconvenience faced by the users while taking the meter reading.

In its pilot project, which was launched in March 2017, LESCO installed 18,000 smart meters in Pakistan in different areas including Faizpur, Rachna Town, Bilal Ganj, Sharaqpur, Angoori Bagh, and Taj Bagh. Now the organization plans to expand this project to cover small industry and tube-well consumers.

Smart meters in Pakistan will enable the users to keep an eye on the consumption of electricity at any time and will solve the problem of the agent taking wrong meter readings to overcharge the user.

With the ease and convenience, smart meters are also making people a bit jumpy in Pakistan. In October last year, a petition in court alleged that the K-Electric, a Pakistani electric supply company replaced the old meters with smart meters in Karachi and tampered with the readings remotely. Though the company denied the allegations it still begs the question as to how much success will LESCO acquire in educating the masses about the smart metering system.

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