This smart sensor lets you know when a flood is coming

OnePrevent smart sensor

There are a lot of smart sensors on the market made for home usage helping users live in a safer and better environment. A new smart sensor has been introduced in the market and it claims to warn you several minutes before a disaster so you can plan your escape.

OnePrevent is much pricier as compared to other smart sensors with a price tag of $299 but it has been claiming to have a competitive edge over all others. This smart sensor can detect fires and floods in your home just when they start with the help of very intelligent heat and humidity sensors.

OnePrevent not only warns you about any upcoming disaster but also learns from your mistakes. The gadget has a $25/month subscription fee as well and that is because the team says they are committed to improving their product every day.

When you make a mistake like leaving the gas on or a tap unclosed, OnePrevent warns and then you are required to write to the app what exactly happened and how you made that mistake. The smart algorithm¬†gathers and analyzes such data every day helping it to understand users’ lifestyle.

The smart sensors have heat, humidity and motion sensors which help it record the tiniest of suspicious activity.

The smart tech industry is growing globally with companies releasing smart systems to bring down electricity bills and more. Also, it is reported the smartwatch industry will see a rise of as much as 18% in 2017.

Image Source: CNET

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