Smartmatic’s new app lets you vote with a selfie

Smartmatic selfie app

Smartmatic, an election technology company has introduced an app that lets you register for elections by facial recognition and you can then cast your vote by simply flashing your face at the smartphone, just like taking a selfie.

The app even stops other people from logging in and voting on your behalf by combing the facial recognition data with a government issued ID card and the app developers say it’s more secure than online banking or shopping systems.

Facial recognition and Iris technology have also seen their inclusion in the newly released smartphones, Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. Users can also avoid long queues at the polling stations because when a consumer has been registered completely he can vote from anywhere. The bad news is that the app might not be available to use very soon as it does not even have a name yet.

“We believe that the current paper and pen method is the best way forward, it means that each individual’s vote is counted equally, one citizen one vote,” British Politician Chris Skidmore.

It is hard to believe how such a smart app can be denied entry into the political system as it can prove to be really useful in developing countries and especially Pakistan where the Panama case and its recent results have taken the nation by storm.

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