Using your smartphone in bed can give you temporary blindness!

temporary blindness

Did you know looking at a smartphone while lying in bed at night can give you temporary blindness? In New England Journal of Medicine, doctors detailed the cases of two women who went temporarily blind from constantly checking their phones in the darkness.

The women, aged 22 and 40, complained of experiencing temporary blindness for up to 15 minutes. Even after various medical exams, MRI scans, and heart tests, doctors couldn’t find the reason behind their recurring episodes of temporary blindness.

The mystery solved when the ladies visited an eye specialist. When the doctor asked about what exactly they were doing when this happened, they explained that they typically looked at their smartphone with only one eye open while resting on the other side in bed, the other eye was covered by the pillow.

It caused their one eye adapted to the light because it was looking at the phone and the other eye adapted to the darkness. When they put their phones down, they could not see with the phone eye. This is because it took minutes for that eye to catch up with another eye, adapted to the darkness.

Temporary Blindness is harmless and avoidable

Doctors described this temporary blindness benign as it can be avoided if people use their both eyes to look at their smartphones.

However, it is a fascinating hypothesis, and two cases are not just enough to prove that one-eyed use of the smartphone in the dark causes temporary blindness, said a spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. He also doubted whether various smartphone users would experience such incident.

Well! This is not just one hazard of lying with your phone. Sleeping with a phone nearby raise your radiation exposure which affects your sleep, interrupt blood flow, and make you experience less concentration and soreness in the morning.

So, give a favor to yourself! Keep your mobile phone at a distance when you head to your bed or more favorably in another room.

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