SOC films aims to educate women about their rights in Pakistan through series of short films

SOC Films reveals the launch of a new campaign

SOC Films reveals the launch of a new campaign “AAGAHI – Apnay Mustaqbil Ki” in collaboration with the Women’s Action Forum, Karachi chapter, to commemorate International Women’s Day 2017.

AAGAHI, which literally means awareness, aims to educate women about their rights in Pakistan.

Over the course of the next twelve months, SOC Films will release a series of videos in Urdu and other regional languages explaining and clarifying the legislations which affect women; and giving an overview of how the legal provisions granted to them may be applied.

Through the series of these short informative videos, several questions often raised would be answered such as; how to file a FIR, what does the law state on instances of rape, sexual harassment, divorce and inheritance and what is the procedure for reporting issues like these and who should be approached for help.

The short films cover several different issues, including but not limited to:

  • ‘Marriage & Family’ (forced marriage, divorce rights of women, rights to inheritance and domestic violence)
  • ‘Protection from Crimes’ (procedural rights: how to file a FIR, honor crimes, rape, sexual harassment, acid crimes and cyber crimes)
  • ‘Rights at the Workplace’ (sexual harassment at workplaces and working women and their rights(.

Speaking about ‘AAGAHI – Apnay Mustaqbil Ki’, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy has said,

“I have travelled the length and breadth of Pakistan and one thing that has always struck me is that we women know very little about the rights that we have in this country.”

“This is why SOC Films has collaborated with Women’s Action Forum and undertaken the project “AAGAHI” through a series of videos, which we aim to disseminate for free, across Pakistan, we hope to educate women about their rights and how they can assert them,” she added.

In collaboration with Women’s Action Forum, each short-film has been conceptualized, produced and directed by SOC Films and will be between 2 to 3 minutes long and will cover the law, its interpretation, and the safety that it provides to the victim.

This will also include the legislation, as stated in the Pakistan Penal Code, and the various case laws, which have been passed or revised in the recent years.

“Violence and abuse of women in Pakistan is a very serious issue, affecting more than 50 percent of Pakistani women. These short documentaries are very informative. They will help us all to understand the urgent need to eliminate violence against women so that women can achieve their human rights and play a strong role as dignified equal citizens of this country.” – Women’s Action Forum

The first step is to increase public awareness of women’s rights, as equal citizens of Pakistan.

One of Pakistan’s leading actresses, Aamina Sheikh has lent her voice to the series, which will be shared free of cost with all the news and media channels for dissemination across the country.

“AAGAHI i.e. ‘Awareness’ is the only way for an individual to seek knowledge and to gain empowerment. The power to steer one’s life in the direction that they deem apt for themselves is through awareness (AAGAHI).”

For many years, countless people including Women’s Action Forum members, have struggled for women’s right to justice and equality and for an end to cruelty, violence and abuse of women. Recently, the government of Punjab launched the Women Safety app allows women to report any experience that makes them feel unsafe in the public places.

Keeping in view the growing cyber crimes in the country, a Pakistani lawyer and Internet activist Nighat Dad recently created helpline for providing security to Pakistani women.

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