Solar Umbrella is the new gadget for Muslim pilgrims

Solar Umbrella for Pilgrims

A Saudi-Palestine firm has created a solar-powered umbrella that comes with a small fan, flashlight, and Global Positioning System (GPS). This solar umbrella is specially designed for the pilgrims. The built-in navigation system in this device quickly shows the location of the user.

Recently, it was reported that the people who go for performing Hajj face difficulties in locating their tents and accommodations in Mecca. Therefore, Pakistan Haj Volunteer Group (PHVG) and the India Fraternity Forum developed an app called Mina Locator that automatically locates the tents of the pilgrims. And now, an umbrella has been introduced with similar services.

This multi-purpose umbrella has an integrated solar panel on the top, which converts the sunlight into energy. You might be thinking since this device uses the sunlight, it would not work in the night, but don’t worry about that, because there is a system in its handle that saves the energy. This energy could later be used at any time.

The extra advantage of this solar umbrella is that it boasts three USB ports. A user can plug a data cable into them and charge mobile phones or other USB-enabled electronic devices. The creators of this umbrella are a Palestinian student and a Saudi-based scientist who are in search of the investors for introducing this device on the commercial level.

We have seen many unique umbrellas in the past. Just a few months ago, a device was invented, namely Oombrella, which automatically alerts its user whether it’s going to rain or not.

The Oombrella alerts the user fifteen minutes before the rain starts. For getting the weather information, this gadget connects to Wezzoo, a weather forecasting company, based in Paris. The price of this device is $85, which is something about 8,500 PKR.

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