Sony Xperia

It’s finally official folks! Sony is making a comeback in the Pakistani market starting with the introduction of new Xperia smartphones.

Nowadays, many companies including Motorola are relaunching their brand in the country and it seems like Sony is also ready to jump back in to declare war against the competing smartphone brands.

Sony was once one of the top brands in Pakistan right alongside Nokia

Currently, we can see the introduction of many Chinese handsets in the country which are all competing to draw the attention of the smartphone user. The Japanese devices, on the other hand, have earned the reputation of being highly reliable, especially Sony which unlike Oppo and Vivo, doesn’t need an introduction in any household.

We can still recall Sony K530 mobile phone that made a special place in the hearts of Pakistanis and many people across the globe. It would be interesting to see how the company will differentiate its marketing and sales strategy from its competitors.

Oppo and Vivo went directly to retailers to create a competitive market environment for the other brands, a move which has been proved to be quite beneficial for the latter.

The handset industry, which has been welcoming various Chinese companies with open arms definitely has enough space for a Japenese company but it would need to show its worth by carefully planning a pricing and distribution model for its Xperia smartphones.

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