Sony Charging
Image Source: Android Authority

It seems Sony is committed to bringing cutting edging technology to its users and sees this as a way to snatch away some of the market shares from the market leaders. Sony has just announced is Xperia XZ series which features a super slow-mo camera among other snazzy features.

Latest news suggests Sony applied for an all new patent last week which suggests the company could be introducing a phone to phone recharge feature through NFC connectivity. The technology would able your gadget to search for nearby hotspots and access them for wireless charging.

The charging import/export would be possible from smartphones, tablets and other gadgets yet to be specified by the company. A patent does not however mean that Sony will introduce this feature shortly but instead just tells us what the companies plans are.

It is a neat estimate that when energy is transferred among two devices there is significant among of lost energy and if you’re looking to wirelessly charge your 2500 mAh device from another 2500 mAh you won’t get a full charge. Hence it would be interesting to see how things pan out for Sony if and when they finally introduce this amazing feature.

If a smartphone charges the other device with 1:1 charge transfer ratio it may not turn to be an excellent feature.


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