Sony XA1

Sony’s new midrange phone, the Sony XA1 impressed everyone when it launched in February. The phone is now available for pre-order for $299 ahead of its launch on May 1.

The color options available for the new midrange device that runs on Android 7.0 are black, white, gold and pink. The new XA1 is LTE supported and comes with a 5 inches screen with a Full HD display resolution of 1920 X 1080p.

Sony XA1 has a 23 MP rear camera which exceeds the 19MP camera present on the XZ premium but does not have the incredible 960fps slow motion capability of the XZ premium. The XZ premium will be available for purchase in June.

Sony’s new midrange phone has a MediaTek Helio P20 processor and a 3GB RAM with a 32GB internal storage. It has a 2300 mAh battery which is very less considering midrange phones now coming with at least 3000mAh battery. Budget and mid-range phones do not include a USB Type-C but the Sony XA1 has a Type-C connector enabling faster charging times and data transfer.

The phone has impressive specifications and a price to match and it will be interesting to see how the phone will fare against other midrange phones as it features a 23MP rear camera that is quite rare in this price range.


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