Provide Internet from Space

Elon Musk, Founder of SpaceX is ready to make history again as his company aims to launch two satellites that can provide Internet from space. The launch of the new satellites is part of the company’s project to provide fast, reliable and low-cost internet connectivity worldwide.

The company started on this project more than three years ago. The South African billionaire plans to create a global network of 12,000 internet satellites which will beam the internet to customers below.

SpaceX expects that Starlink (the name of the satellite system) will be able to provide Internet coverage to every spot on Earth. Its one set of 4,425 satellites will start their orbit about 700 miles up, while 7,518 satellites will be placed about 200 miles up, operating on different radio frequencies.

The rocket manufacturer aims to have the Starlink up and running by 2020 and according to the Wall Street Journal, SpaceX expects to have over 40 million subscribers by 2025 creating $30 billion in revenue for the company.

The two new satellites will be launched on Sunday i.e. 18th February 2018. This definitely seems like a scene from a science fiction movie but we’ve yet to see how much the company will be able to deliver on its promise.

On the other hand, CEO of OneWeb, the chief rival company of SpaceX believes that Elon Musk’s plans are outright dangerous to humans living on the ground and also to the spacecraft orbit in the space.

He said that this whole project to provide Internet from Space is potentially created  “for the purposes of delaying and frustrating a competitor.” Well, in a few years, we’ll see if the company plans to deliver on its promise or not.


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