Spam Calls to Constitute Almost 50% of Worldwide Calls in 2019

A new research has disclosed some appalling facts about the increasing number of spam calls and their effects on the smartphone user. It states that in 2019, half of all the calls made around the world will be spam.

Mobile scam calls have seen a gigantic rise over the past years. From 2017 to 2018 such calls have seen almost 26 % increase worldwide, going from 3.7% to 29.2%.

If it keeps increasing at the rate that it already has been, it is estimated that the spam calls will take up 44% of the total calls in early 2019 while later, it will accumulate 50% of the calls worldwide.

This nuisance is not only limited to calls but every form of communication. Even people using WhatsApp are also facing certain vulnerability.

The figure is based on the projections acquired from the research by First Orion, a US-based firm that develops ID technology to identify spam calls.

You can guess the severity of the issue from the warning that the firm had issued about not picking calls from any number that you don’t know.

“Year after year, the scam call epidemic bombards consumers at record-breaking levels, surpassing the previous year and scammers increasingly invade our privacy at new extremes,” said Charles Morgan, CEO and head data scientist of First Orion.

The spammers target you by mimicking a number that resembles your own number in the starting digits so you might think that the call is coming from some acquaintance which, upon picking, you realize is a spam call.

While there is certain software being designed to curtail this menace, it is constantly increasing at an alarming rate.

Caller ID spoofing is another practice in spamming that tricks the telephone network into believing that the call is originated from any other station than the original one, thus concealing the true caller ID.

Earlier this year, First Orion executive vice president Scott Hambuchen provided testimony to Congress for a hearing about the plague of robocalls and caller ID spoofing.

In his testimony, Mr. Hambuchen stated that consumers are being scammed out of “hundreds of millions of dollars a year”, causing trust in unknown callers to plummet.

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