Splore App: A Pakistani startup designed to compete with Instagram


If you are a fan of photo sharing apps like Instagram, then you would love this new app called Splore, which is simply beautiful. The best thing about Splore App is that it is a local startup, designed and developed by few Pakistani developers.

Instead of using the traditional method of following and unfollowing the people, Splore app allows you to monitor the hashtags that excite you. You can post the images by assigning the hashtags to them.

Let’s say you like the pictures of nature; just search the hashtag #Nature, and tap the follow button. The app will automatically stream all the nature-related images on your profile.

According to the developers of this app, the idea behind designing this new kind of social network is to introduce something new to the people. According to them, people are tired of using the same follow and unfollow techniques, which are almost same across social networks. Therefore, Splore App has specifically been designed to offer a unique and different experience.

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Many times, a user discovers that the person he/she was following for a long time, was a fake account. In some cases, an individual who has more followers on his account starts posting the sponsored and irrelevant content to his supporters.


The Splore is a solution to this problem as it allows you to follow the trends instead of the ordinary people. The team behind the app claims that it is not necessary to get a lot of likes on your photos. If you simply post good quality and original content, your posts would surely capture the attention of the other users.

Features of Splore App:

The interface of Splore app is very smooth and loads the images very fast. It automatically notifies you about the new posts. If you like any picture, you can vote for it to promote it and let more people see it.

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Moreover, you can also talk to other users and share your views with them. The app also has the option to post the comments to the photos and reply to the comments made by the other users.

The follower count shows the number of followers a specific hashtag has. Presently, Splore is available for the iOS-based devices only. The developers are working on an Android version.

You can download Splore here.

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