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Sportsfever360 is an organization dedicated to providing unique opportunities to players across Pakistan who have a deep-rooted passion for sports. With their motto being “Sports for Everyone”, Sportsfever360 is now launching a platform by the name of Blog360.

It is a dedicated portal where all sports news will be published in English and in Urdu. From international sports to sports being played in the streets of Pakistan, the audiences will get a flavor of all kinds of sports in one go.

The organization is welcoming students from all over Pakistan who are interested in sports to apply for Pakistan’s first online Brand internship program where they can show their skills in Sports journalism, reporting events in their universities, colleges, schools etc. An ideal opportunity for all the aspiring sports journalists in Pakistan to gain exposure in the field. It will also enable them to get further traction in the sports industry.

The blog will serve as a common point for all sports lovers to exhibit their adoration for the game. It will be the first-ever sports platform to serve as a launching pad to kids and Youngsters in Pakistan to prove themselves as key assets for the country and show their potential on and off the field.

Face of Sportsfever360

Furthermore, the organization plans to give a chance to millions of Pakistanis to become an ambassador for Sportsfever360 under their new program called Face of Sportsfever360.

The first ambassador for this program is young Ehsanullah from a rural district of Punjab, Pakistan. This child prodigy is a rare find and possesses prolific cricketing skills. Although the Ehsanullah is blessed with natural talent yet he cannot even afford to buy a decent kit bag. His only respite is the open street, stray balls and a few helpful friends who might lend him a bat when they feel like.

Ehsan’s talent got recognized by the giants of the cricketing world, Waqar Younis, and Wasim Akram.

Ehsan and his eager father were given hopes and promised aid, however, nothing came their way and the wait seemed to be never ending when finally Sportsfever360 took the initiative and supported the emerging talent.

At a time when resources are a handful and potential immense, there needs to be someone who takes a step in the right direction in order to empower our youth and provide them the opportunities they require to become the stars of tomorrow.

Participants can send their News, Articles, and Videos at Teamdigital@sportsfever360.com or upload on Facebooks page of Sportsfever360.

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