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How long ago did you imagine a world where your mind would think of turning off the lights when you’re cozy in bed, and the lights would instantly go off? Perhaps a few years ago the idea to control devices with your mind may have sounded near impossible but thanks to the advancement in technology including mind-controlled drone and prosthetic limbs, this future can become a reality for the mankind.

Neurocontrol is a technologically facilitated process which allows a person to directly manipulate a device using brain waves. Though neurocontrol isn’t a new process and has been present in the world for a long time now, its horizons are now widening up.

While in the past neurocontrol has strictly been restricted to the control of the prosthetic limbs, this will soon change as people will now be able to control devices around them by simply thinking of it. Shocked? Well, we were too.

Controlling the World with Mind; How Does it Work

Neurogress, a startup in Geneva, Switzerland is working on bringing the neurocontrol technology for the people all over the world. They are working on developing artificial intelligence based software for the mind or neural led tools to eventually maximize their full potential.

Neurogress’s short-term vision includes making a software that can enable people to control different types of devices with their mere thoughts

Instead of implanting something in the human body, they are developing a non-invasive headband that is worn by the individual and features a neurointerface that can read brain commands with the help of their software which will translate them into actions for the said device. For instance, a prosthetic arm can throw a ball or catch something when an individual is simply thinking about it.

The first prototype shown in the video above shows the Neurogress robotic arm that can allow any user to freely move joints, fingers, wrist, and any part of the arm simply by thinking about the movement.

What Neurogress Wants to Achieve

Neurogress aims to build a world where machines are operated through neurocontrol completely and you can control devices with your mind. It wants to finish the barrier between thought and action of a person allowing you to control devices with your mind.

They aim to minimize the existing limitations of neural interfaces and make controlling devices easier than ever experienced before.

Neurogress plans to provide public access to its API

It will allow anyone to play around with its source code to start neurocontrol development on any existing or upcoming gadgets.

Moreover, Neurogress believes that in the 21st century, people facing physical and mental disabilities should have their problems resolved.

Even the most expensive prosthetic limbs nowadays face certain limitations while responding to brain signals, and through this new software, the company wants to overcome any such problems so disabled people can easily live their lives as normal human beings.

How Will this Software Operate

control devices with your mind
Neurocontrol of mechatronic device

As shown in the picture above, the process to control devices with your mind via neurocontrol looks rather simple, however, its execution and the development of the software is a rather tough process.

According to Neurogress’s White paper, here’s how their software will enable you to control devices with your mind:

  • The neural interface will read the brain signals in the form of electrical activity of the neurons
  • The signals are recognized by their frequency of waves. Thera are eight main types of signals and thus there may be combined control functions
  • Around 10% of the data remains unchanged, the other 90% is used to train the system with different patterns
  • The results of multiple training are then compared, and the best solution is then remembered
  • Resulting signals will then be classified to transfer of commands to different devices, for example, a prosthetic limb, computer or other appliances

Artificial intelligence and blockchain technology will play the leading role in the Neurogress’s software

The company wants to enable an Internet of Things (IoT) network using a decentralized blockchain network, which will eliminate the necessity of physical controllers.

The blockchain technology will serve as an immutable ledger that will keep track of the data flow from a user to an IoT-enabled device.

Don & Alex Tapscott, authors Blockchain Revolution (2016) define blockchain as an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value. This technology will come into play at the developmental phase of their software.


The startup plans to receive initial funding through Token Generation Event (TGE). The pre-TGE started on February 10, 2018, where people interested in this project were able to purchase tokens.

These tokens are the native currency for the platforms currently. It is believed that once the sufficient funding has been received, the company will introduce its own cryptocurrency.

Control Devices with Your Mind; a Dream or Reality?

If this project goes through and the relevant software is developed, then the world indeed will face a revolution in the field of technology.

People will be able to communicate with machines through technopathy, and the use of technology will no longer have any delays or limitations that would make lives of people so much easier.

Lastly, Neurogress has a goal to encourage several developers around the world to become a part in this new innovation of theirs. They want to help revolutionize how the people interact with technology in the 21st century, where the only limit will be the user’s creativity.

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