Get ready to stream 360-degree video using Periscope

Periscope 360-Degree Video

Gone are the days when a simple camera was good enough to record a high-quality video. Now, people demand more powerful cameras and high-end technologies for recording their clips. A lot of tech companies have recently introduced the 360-degree video recording service on their apps, and according to a latest report, Twitter’s Periscope has also joined this competition.

Twitter has unveiled 360-degree live video service on its Periscope app. At present, the company has launched this service for a small number of people, mostly the celebrities and famous personalities, but soon, this service will be available for everyone.

Twitter has started a waiting list, where the users of Periscope can register to get an alert when the option becomes available for them. Famous video-sharing website YouTube also supports a similar feature. The navigation features of the 360-degree videos are the same as what Facebook is offering.

By using the 360-degree video, a user can watch different views of a video by rotating his phone. Moreover, a user can click and move the position of the video to view the other parts on the desktop computer.

Earlier, Periscope launched a feature that allows the users to produce a unique link that lets them broadcast the videos from the external sources to the Periscope. The viewers of the stream can post their opinions and smileys using the app or by visiting the website of Periscope.

Recently, Facebook also announced live video service for its Instagram app. With the availability of live video feature on Instagram, the users are now able to share anything with their friends and family members and can connect with them in a new style.

In the young generation, the craze of using the live video services is increasing rapidly and that is why a number of social networking websites have recently launched this service as part of their features.

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