Stylus S-Pen in Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will come with a mini speaker

Stylus S-Pen of Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Forget the unfortunate incidents that happened with the Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7, and let’s hope for the great devices from this company in the future! The rumors have already started circulating over the Internet about the upcoming Note device, the Galaxy Note 8, which is speculated to come with a Super AMOLED display and the dual-camera.

One of the best and newest features you might see in the next Note device will be its fully stylish S-Pen Stylus. It is a tool that lets you tweak and play with your new Galaxy Note 8. Reportedly, the company has decided to add its creativity into the new Stylus pen by using a mini speaker in this brand new S-Pen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8’s S-Pen will feature a built-in speaker system.

The speaker in the S-Pen will work as a voice assistant and it will read out any kind of note that you have saved into your Note 8 device.

A patent was reportedly filed by the company in March 2016 and according to it, a speaker system will be housed in the upcoming Stylus S-Pen and it would work according to the position of the stylus. When the S Pen is in the slot of the phone, the sound will come through the top of the stylus. When in use, the sound will come from the bottom.

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The phablet is expected to be released in 2017 and speculations are there that there will be a 6GB RAM in this device along with the powerful octa-core 3.2GHz processor. The corners of this device will be in rounded shape and there will be 64GB internal, memory with the option of adding a MicroSD card.

Specifications may vary from the above-mentioned details because the official information has not arrived yet.

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