With the automobile industry on a continuous rise and a huge number of bikes sold every year, companies are now moving towards working to introduce superbikes as a ‘poster bike’ to represent their brands. For some, this works only as a short time marketing strategy whereas other have started putting some genuine effort, trying to improve the 150cc bikes and above sector in Pakistan.

Super Power has already made headlines locally with the introduction of the first ever scooter in Pakistan and has now added the Leo 200cc in its ranks after the recent launch of Archi 150. The Pirani Group is hitting all the right notes as far as their marketing strategy is concerned as can be seen in the number of new customers it is attracting to its consumer base.

It seems Super Power has learned its lesson from watching the likes of Yamaha trying to make their place in the local market and has turned itself towards targeting the niche market, the ever-rising market of young bike riders in Pakistan.

Several companies are now importing superbikes which have reportedly created problems for the buyers and since have hurt the customer base of the particular company. A smart way to go about the superbikes sector in Pakistan is to import the parts and assemble them at local plants, lowering taxes and eliminating the risk of damaged parts.

This helps in lowering the prices as well and that is exactly what Super Power is looking to bring to the Pakistani market, superbikes with the tag of ‘Assembled in Pakistan.’ The Leo 200cc was launched at a star-studded event with the collaboration of Peshawar Zalmi and is expected to be priced around 2.5-3 lac.

It is safe to say that Honda’s share of the motorbike industry is going nowhere with the 70cc and 125 cc bikes achieving record sales every year, but the introduction of such bikes can help boost the contemporary bikes section and provide good alternatives to buyers in Pakistan.



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