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huawei phones in pakistan

Pakistan Among Top 3 Growing Countries For Huawei Phones

Huawei phones are getting stuffed with better features with every new launch. Nova 3 and 3i are the testament of the strategy that raises the benchmark
Pakistanis abusing technology

How Pakistanis Are Abusing Technology

We all complain about lack of technology in Pakistan but have we stopped to wonder how we are already absuing technology in the country?
Fingerprint Scanner

Is Your Phone’s Fingerprint Scanner Really Secure?

Fingerprint Scanner security may be considered a safe option to protect the data but is it really safe enough to rely on? Read on to know
Internet speed in Pakistan

Internet Speed in Pakistan Dramatically Dropped in 2018

Speedtest Oakla has issued its latest global rankings for 4G mobile and fixed broadband internet. Where do we stand?
General Elections 2018 Education

Education; What Are Political Parties Promising YOU in Election 2018?

PPP, PTI and PML-N have shared their manifestos for the General Elections 2018. Let's see what each of them have planned for education sector
best budget phones

Best Budget Phones to Buy in July 2018

A huge proportion of our local smartphone market consists of budget phones. Here we have compiled a list of best budget phones that you can buy right now in Pakistan.
Galaxy A6 & Galaxy A6 Plus

Samsung Galaxy A6, A6+: Top 5 Alternatives to Consider in Pakistan

Samsung launched the Galaxy A6 and A6+ in Pakistan a while back but sadly the phones are overpriced and come with sub-par specs. It seems Samsung is running out of ideas and just want to capitalize on their smartphones at the cost of user's trust
GPU Turbo Technology to Hit Mate 10 series

GPU Turbo Technology will Turn Huawei Mate 10 into Gaming Beast

Huawei has developed a GPU Turbo technology that aims to enhance the performance of phones by 60% and lower the battery consumption by 30%. An updated schedule for the phones has also been released by the company among which Huawei Mate 10 series and P20 series are the first ones to receive the update
iPhone 2018 lineup

iPhone 2018 lineup: Features We Want to See

There is a lot of talk going on about the upcoming iPhone 2018 lineup from Apple that is rumored to be consisting of three phones including a midrange iPhone. Here are the features we want to see in the next iPhone
Huawei Mate 20 triple camera

Huawei Mate 20; All Specs and Leaks in One Place

Huawei Mate 20 is expected to be the latest offering in the Mate series and the successor to Mate 10 series. The phone has been in the rumors for quite a time now, which suggest that it will come as a packed powerhouse with top of the line specs

How Kenwood Leads Home Appliances Industry with Progressive Ads

The new TVC of Kenwood refrigerator shows how the home appliances ads should be made. Let's see what other brands are doing wrong.
Deedar Mengal

Deedar Mengal Is a Symbol of Women Empowerment in Balochistan

Deedar Mengal is struggling to uplift the lives of women in Balochistan. She has made Doch, Baloch embroidery recognized all over the world.