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budget 2018-19 cars

Cars and Jeeps Production Increases By 21.35% In Pakistan

The automobile industry has seen the overwhelming growth of 21.35 percent in the Jeeps and Cars production in Pakistan, PBS data reveals.
bike imports

Motor Bike Imports Rises in Pakistan by 16%

Pakistan Beaure of Statistics has revealed that country is facing an increase of 16% in bike imports owing to the unavailability by local manufacturers.
Internet speed in Pakistan

Internet Speed in Pakistan Dramatically Dropped in 2018

Speedtest Oakla has issued its latest global rankings for 4G mobile and fixed broadband internet. Where do we stand?
Internet Index

Do You Know Pakistan Has the Worst Internet Availability in Asia?

Pakistan is ranked below than India, Srilanka, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya and even Nigeria on the Inclusive Internet Index.
Pakistani journalists

66% of Pakistani Journalists Face Digital Insecurity and Harassment

According to a report and survey conducted by DRF around 66% of Pakistani journalists face digital insecurity including being hacked, threatened, blackmailed, harassed over a sustained period of time, sexually harassed, having their data stolen, cyberstalked, receiving malware or phishing emails etc.
Mobile phone imports

Mobile Phone Imports Soar Up in Pakistan in FY 2017-18

According to the latest figures provided by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the mobile phone imports have seen an increase in the first half of the fiscal year 2017-18n(July-December) as it stood on $376.498 million compared to $329.177 million in the same period of 2016-17
Smuggling in Pakistan

Pakistan Lost Over Rs 350 Million to Smuggling in Last 6 Months

Pakistan has been plagued with the horror of smuggled goods which keeps on ripping off the national kitty of millions of rupees in taxes. Reportedly, the country has lost more than Rs. 350 million due smuggling in the last six months.
mobile phone imports

Mobile Phone Imports Decline as their Prices Soar in Pakistan

This year, owing to the increased taxes, the mobile phone imports have decreased in Pakistan as compared to the recorded figures in the last November while the price of feature phones have risen up to 70 percent in November 2017.
Google Searches 2017

These are the Top Google Searches of 2017 in Pakistan

Want to know what Pakistanis searched the most on the Internet in 2017? Check out the list of Google searches published by the company.
Nokia Intelligence Report android malware

Android Malware on the rise; iOS and Windows OS are more secure

Android malware continues to affect smartphones in 2017 and according to Nokia's survey Windows and iOS are also affected by it.
Telecom imports and mobile phone imports

Telecom Imports rise by 54% in July 2017 after Tax Incentives

Pakistan witnesses 54% increase in the telecom imports, including equipment and mobile phones, after the implementation of tax incentives in budget 2017-18.
Mobile Phone Import

Mobile Phone Import Decline by 5.78 percent in FY 2016-17

The mobile phone import has decreased by 5.87 percent in the Fiscal year 2016-17 as compared to the same period in the previous year.