Tang, Limopani, Fruitly and Mixer Star can hurt your child; PFA warns

Tang PFA

Tang PFAPunjab Food Authority (PFA) is on roll this summer and in its recent notification has warned the people to stay away from the instant drinks including Tang, Sunsip’s Limopani, Mixer Star, Fruitly, etc.

PFA Notification instant drinks
Notification by PFA

PFA states that these instant drinks contain artificial colors and flavors. They only provide calories and lack original food content in every serving. It also tried to appeal the parents to not serve these drinks to their children as it can hamper with their growth and nutrition needs.

The authority has recently started an awareness campaign to educate the masses about the dangers of various products that are available in the market. Recently, PFA revealed that the so-called ice-cream companies including Walls, Omore and Gourmet have been duping the customers as their products are Frozen Deserts, not Ice-Creams.

It also warned the unsuspecting consumers that  Blue Band, just like the fake ice-cream also uses vegetable fat instead of dairy fat which is why it not a replacement of margarine. As part of its campaign to feed healthy

As part of PFA’s campaign to feed healthy food to children, it has banned the carbonated drinks in public and private school and is considering ti put an age restriction for buying and drinking cola.

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