TCL C8 4K Resolution UltraHD Android TV Review

Recognized as one of the major brands of LED TV in Pakistan, TCL is no stranger to smart technology. It uses such technology to bridge the gap between viewers and interactive experience as each part of its LED interface is interactive via its remote control. TCL C8 is a 65-inch LED TV which provides a 4k ultra HD resolution along with Google’s Android support all for the price of Rs 169,900. Moreover, the C8 series also comes in smaller sizes, such as 55-inches, which enters it in the mid-range category costing about Rs. 127,900.

So, what primary features does the TCL C8 offers? Let us take a look.

TCL C8 main features

  • Display: 4K resolution
  • Resolution: 3840×2160
  • OS: Android P
  • Speaker: Onkyo 2.2
  • Chipset: Cortex A55 with Mali 470 GPU
  • RAM/ROM: 2GB/16GB

Apart from this, TCL C8 comes with HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision support. Moreover, to uphold the standards of Smart LED, it comes with various built-in applications. These applications include Netflix, Android TV, YouTube, Google Play Store, etc., which are essential for a great viewing experience.


TCL C8 backside

Moving on to the design TCL C8, it is much like its predecessors with very thin, almost indistinguishable bezels on both sides with a prominent bottom chin. The chin is equipped with a remote sensor, Onkyo 2.2 soundbar, along with the logo of the company, as per their standard. The soundbar which occupies a large area though, it is not as distracting as seen on some of the brands where glossy material reflects an opposing light source and spoils much of the experience.

At the back of the LED, there is the connectivity panel with all the standard ports available. It has two USB slots, 3 HDMI ports, an output audio jack, plus a headphone jack of the standard 3.5mm. Moreover, it has the option to connect a LAN network along with a cable input. So, no matter which medium you wish to utilize, TCL C8 is equipped to accommodate all. There only one slight issue that we encountered was the overlapping of cables. 

TCL C8 ports

Due to the small size of the connectivity panel, it becomes tiresome to plug-in all the cables, especially in the HDMI ports, if you have ones with the big front which prevent you from using the adjacent ports. So, make sure you have a thin HDMI cable and not the bulky old ones.

Interactivity and Audio

TCL C8 offers a huge picture enhancement module that can handle almost any content. It comes with Motion Enhancement and Motion Control, which is TCL’s proprietary technology. Through its AI algorithm, it smoothens a video running at 30 fps to appear as if it is running on 60 fps. Therefore, all the videos you see will be much better, smoother, and sharper, regardless of where they come from. However, this may sometimes add an artificial feel to some specific videos, which the viewers may not enjoy as much. Basically, it’s called the “Soap Opera Effect” that can push the frame rate past the native rate of movies. Generally, the movies display 24 to 30 frames per second, but with motion smoothing features, the rate goes up to 60 or 120 sometimes, thus making every movie look like a football match. Selecting preset movie mode would usually solve the problem, but we found the manual tweaking more workable. You can find at the bottom, how you can fix it.

It covers a vast dynamic range that becomes the reason to watch good blacks and whites on this massive screen.

TCL Onkyo soundbar

The sound quality of the C8 series is fantastic, with Onkyo 2.2 equipping it with two main speakers and two sub-buffers that make it produce unparalleled sound quality, eliminating the need to attach a home theater. The sound of the Onkyo soundbar is very loud, therefore keeping it below 50% is optimum for home experience. Cracking the sound up to 100% will start sending a vibration through your glassware. So, to keep them safe, make sure the sound remains on low.

Like the picture, you get hold of a lot of preset scenarios, but it can be customized to anything.

Although we are utterly impressed by the sound quality offered by TCL C8 but we believe that it lacks a bit when it comes to surround sound, as speaker versions 5.1 and 7.1 offer better immersion. But at this price range, Onkyo 2.2 soundbar is the best you can get anywhere.

TCL C8 Andriod Interface

Now moving to the interface, its an Android 9 (pie) preinstalled on the system, though it might look a little different from what you get on your smartphone, but it still reflects a common setting area. You are free to attach external Bluetooth devices, install apps from Google Play Store, or talk to your TV through its remote control. Like every Android-based smart TV today, C8 TV can be configured automatically from your mobile phone, or you can use a manual way.

TCL C8 remote control

A quad-core chipset inside with all four Cortex A55 cores clocked at 1.1Ghz coupled with 2GB RAM might look insufficient, and you might see some lags here and there, but there is nothing serious. It provides around 10GB internal storage for installing apps or games from the Play Store. The TCL TVs come with Chromecast built-in feature that is handy when you want to put content from smaller screen to bigger screen.

Some Tips

  • For controlling the smooth motion effect press setting button on the remote >> Picture >> Advanced Settings >> Motion
  • If you want a massive bass but still need clear dialogs, press setting button >> Sound >> Sound mode >> Dialog enhancer
  • Customize or clean the Home Screen, Settings >> Device Preferences >> Home Screen >> Customise Channels


Overall, the device is impressive with respect to its picture quality and sound. We believe its interface requires some minor touchups, which will get addressed in their next update. We recommend TCL C8 if you are a fan of ultra-HD picture quality and don’t mind some AI visual enhancements.

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