2019 seems to be all about the foldable phones and news are pouring in about different brands announcing their dates for the first such phone.

Brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Nubia, are scheduled to bring their foldable phones in the coming days, TCL, known for its mid-range TVs is planning to try luck in this most lucrative trend of upcoming days.

The Chinese company which is also the licensee for Blackberry and Alcatel is working on at least five foldable devices, two tablets, two smartphones and one flexible phone that can also be folded around the wrist as a smartwatch.

One tablet can be folded inward, and the other one folds outward. Similarly, the two phones get folded inward and outward, but they move like a clamshell. The fifth one is tall and curves around the wrist like a watch.

It’s too early to believe if all five devices will see the actual production timelines, but TCL hasn’t announced the date when it will release the devices, but CNET quotes a company official claiming to bring first foldable device by 2020.