Tea Whiteners to carry warning, their product is not milk; PFA

Tea Whiteners sold as milk warned

The tea whitener brands have been ordered by the Punjab Food Authority (PFA) to write “This is not milk” on 15 percent of the total area of their product’s packaging.

The PFA Director General Noorul Amin Mengal in a statement on Sunday said: “All firms producing tea whitener must mention ‘This is not milk’ on 15 per cent of the total portion of their product packaging until June 1, failing which they will have to face legal action under the food laws.”

Mr. Mengal further added that if the existing tea whitener stock remained unfinished until June 1, it should be sold with a sticker affixed to it that says ‘This is not milk.”

Also, Pakistanis are being fooled into buying dairy drinks and tea whiteners that are intentionally being branded as milk. Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) last year also initiated action against companies for wrongfully marketing/branding tea whiteners. Mr. Mengal has warned the brands to not misdirect the public, he said:

“Tea whitener is prepared by using vegetable fat and it is being consumed by the public at large, especially children, as milk due to vague advertisement campaign by companies. It is also affecting public’s health.”

Since the end of last year, we have been witnessing a major milk crisis in the country where around 70 percent milk is adulterated. Many of the brands were fined or sealed by the PFA, who were involved in unsanitary practices and thus endangering people’s health.

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