TECNO, the Chinese smartphone brand has flown its mobile phone dealers in Pakistan to the United Kingdom where they will see Manchester United live in action.

Smartphone companies know that creating their brand is not just about the love of the consumers but they have to enable the whole ecosystem by creating a healthy relationship with its dealers who are on the front line helping them achieve their sales numbers.

Instead of taking them on a boring trip to the “vacation spots,” the company is flying them out to one of the exciting countries where they can watch an exciting football match.

TECNO made its way into the Pakistani market earlier this year with the launch of its six new smartphones; W3, W5, L8 Lite, C7, Phantom 6 and Phantom 6+. You can check their prices by clicking here.

Since then it has expanded its device portfolio in the country to include Camon CX, Camon CX Air, WX3, and WX4.

TECNO seems optimistic about its future in the Pakistani handset industry and predicts the end of monopolies of bigger mobile phone brands. It seems like the company is going to achieve that by creating better relationships in the industry especially with its dealers.


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