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At a glittering recent event, leading mobile phone brand, TECNO Mobile unveiled its latest camera-centric smartphones, the Camon CX and Camon CX Air.

General Manager of TECNO Mobile, Mr. Stephen Ha, opened the evening with a presentation, highlighting TECNO’s successful journey around the globe.

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The innovative “Selfie Phone”, was the main highlight of the event. TECNO officials emphasized on how the smartphone world has been rocked with the introduction of Camon CX series. The smartphone uses a smart image sensor supporting 16 mega pixels on the front camera coupled with TECNO’s unique ‘4 in 1’ technology.

TECNO camon CX and camon CX air Launch

The smart pixel sensor basically captures the individual images and turns them into signals. These signals are then joined to form a single, brighter and clearer picture. This makes bright selfies in all kinds of environment especially the dark environments.

Along with other features such as the customized ring flash on the rear camera which is a unique feature by TECNO only, light speed charge and a full HD screen, it is now easier than ever to take photos on the go.

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These 30% brighter selfies are effectively paired with a high-end de-noising system, making the pictures vivid and clear, even in situations with the dull light. Yet, if that extra boost of light is still needed, the dual front flash does the job perfectly without blurring or distorting images. All of this gives the Camon user a true selfie experience. Camon CX Air was also displayed at the launch event. Both smartphones featured a number of industry firsts.

TECNO Mobile camon cx and camon cx air
Asrar performing at the launch of Camon Cx and Camon CX AIr

Building trust among the customers is an important factor for an international brand like TECNO Mobile. Keeping this in view, TECNO Mobile has announced a “100-days replacement warranty” for the newly launched Camon CX smartphones series. Currently TECNO Mobile is the only international brand in Pakistan offering such a replacement warranty to its customers.

As the global partner of the Manchester City Football Club, TECNO Mobile is determined to affect Pakistani consumer market with a positive note and the same has been expressed by the top leadership and the local team.

Speaking at the launch event, Stephen Ha, the General Manager of TECNO Mobile, said:“TECNO Mobile has a clear vision to empower its customers with the best technology available. This is the beginning of a dream to make our best products available to our customers around the world and in Pakistan. For TECNO Mobile, it always has been a tradition to positively affect lives around the globe.”

Willie Cui, Transsion’s Vice President, also commented: “TECNO Mobile is powered by the vision of Transsion Holdings which is to incorporate state of the art technologies into localized products under the concept of ‘Think Globally, Act Locally’”.

He further explained that TECNO Mobile, under Transsion Holdings, is realizing the concept of supporting the recreational life of its customers and for that Transsion Holdings extends its research facilities around the globe.

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